Workshops in Rzeszow

  The main purpose of our event is to introduce the visitors in the culture and the aerospace environment surrounding our beautiful city. 

  The Workshops will take place in Rzeszow, the capital of region, between the 23th  and the 27th of October, 2022. The meeting in will be held in the campus of the Univeristy of Technology Rzeszow, while the participants will have the opportunity to take part in workshops led by people from the aviation industry, test pilot skills in a flight simulator and visit our beautiful city. The culmination of the event will be Spirit Night.


List of qualified participants:

1 Dennis Stefan  Chelemen AS Bucharest 
2 Marius-Avram Tolea AS Bucharest
3 Mayukh  Das AS Forli Bologna
4 Maria-Laura Ciorobitca AS Bucharest
5 Raluca-Elena Benjinariu AS Bucharest
6 Andreea Violeta Zapodenu AS Bucharest
7 Jegadeeswaran Sampath AS Forli Bologna
8 David Álvaro-Pastro AS Sevilla 
9 Elia Ghisellini AS Forli Bologna
10 Hugo Santiago Mengoa Paredes AS Forli Bologna
11 Αργύρης Γκαντολούδης AS Patras
12 George-Mihai Serghie  AS Bucharest
13 Ungureanu Cosmin AS Bucharest
14 Mihai-Alexandru Bisca AS Bucharest
15 Spătaru Sânziana Andreea AS Bucharest


Schedule of week:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Arival Workshop 1 Workshop 4

Trip to Bezmiechowa Glider center


Welcoming Barbeque Workshop 2 Workshop 5
Workshop 3 Flight simulator
City tour Spirit night


  Our speakers will be companies and people form aviation industry. The first guest will be General Electric and the rest will be revealed soon.

  The participants of our event will be students interested in aviation, active members of EUROAVIA associations.

First application period until:21.08.22, 12:00 UTC.

Applications are closed. 

Second application period until 16.10.22, 12 UTC


Important docuemts:

  1. Application&Cancelation Rules


  1. Covid regulations


Do you have any questions? Write to us! CONTACT